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We are doing this ride to raise money for Research Autism. We are aiming to raise £20,000.
We are supporting Research Autism because my cousin Jamie is severely affected by the disease, and I have seen its effects not only on him but on the whole family." He is 13yrs old, but cannot yet talk.
Just take a moment to imagine not being able to talk.
Imagine understanding everything going on around you, but not being able to comment.
Imagine having to be dressed every morning in clothes you don't choose, and then hurting your parents as you try to tell them you wanted the blue shirt today.
Imagine being swamped by having to hear everything that everyone is saying around you, and not being able to listen to just one thing at once. Jamie loves being in a swimming pool, just floating, legs held motionless by the weight of the water, while he keeps his ears underwater to just relax, hearing nothing.
He understands everything - he appears to have a photographic memory - but can’t get his thoughts out.
Frustration leads to despair, and anger, which is just one of the many things that his family has to deal with.
He has extremely specific eating requirements and requires round the clock supervision. Jamie is at the severe end of the autistic spectrum, but given that one in 100 people suffer from the disease (with varying severity), and that everyone has some autistic traits, it is shocking that so little is known about it'.
Click here to support our cause and donate to Research Autism.
Read the "Meet Jamie" post - the only post in February, for more information about Jamie, and a poem - painstakingly slow for Jamie to type, but ultimately incredible.

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April 28, 2010

We hate fizzy drinks

Yesterday we set out into the sunshine with the intention of riding over 85 miles in the day. We had set a leaving time of 8 , but again this was too ambitious and we ended up leaving at 9. We have discovered that things always take longer than expected, whether it is getting up and going or our estimated time of arrival at our next destination.

At breakfast we really took advantage of the free buffet and were a bit naughty and took ALOT of muffins. However, fueled by this extra source of carbs, we covered lots of miles by lunch, just over 50 i think. It is interesting because although we were riding on very busy roads (3 if not 4 lanes) they all have big hard shoulders, which act as perfect cycle lanes for us away from the traffic. On the big roads, as it is with A roads in the UK, you alawys cover more distance per hours as you don't have as many hills and there are far fewer directional issues. At 1:30 we stopped for 30 mins or so and munched the remains of our cold pizza from the night before...Yum!

After lunch our envelope directions let us down a little (again), but the upside of getting lost is that we can ask the locals for directions, who invariably, after learning what we are doing, use the words 'crazy' and 'stupid' lots, which is always amusing. A kind gentlemen gave us a can of WD40 as well, which was nice. After lunch we also learnt another thing: NEVER put fizzy drinks in our water bottles. One- after about a mile of purchase my bottle exploded from the pressure( i thought my tyre exploded so at least it wasnt that), then a car ran over the bottle which was lying in the middle of the road. Two- it gets very very sticky, which then transcends to the whole bike becoming sticky.

Today we can rest, clean off our sticky bikes, take in DC, and it will give me the opportunity to go to a bike shop and fix my pedal which is slightly broken.

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